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Strategic Partners




CECTN electrolytic capacitors are applyed in various automation fields such as frequency inverters, servo systems, robots, etc.; Hope Senlan, HICONICS, INVOANCE, INVT and so on are our cooperated partners.


CECTN aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used in UPS, switching power supplies, inverter power supplies, charging piles, high-end welding machines, power tools, unmanned aerial vehicles, industrial water purifiers, industrial sewing machines and other field,VERTIV AND EATON and so on are our cooperated partners.


CECTN aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used in smart grids, photovoltaic equipment, wind power generation equipment and other fields. RENergy Electric, HOPEWIND are our cooperated partners.
Air conditioning field

Air conditioning field

CECTN electrolytic capacitors are used in air conditioning. TCL are our cooperated partners.
Medical instruments

Medical instruments

CECTN aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used in medical X-ray machines, medical imaging machines and other medical equipment fields/dd>
Transportation field

Transportation field

CECTN aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used in railway control and new energy vehicles

National service hotline0086-13506000711

Is the following confusion?

  • 1International brand electrolytic capacitors have high prices, long delivery time and without customized services
  • 2Domestic brand aluminum electrolytic capacitors vary in quality and cannot be distinguished from electrolytic capacitor manufacturers. Strength and quality cannot be guaranteed.
  • 3Disassembled capacitors, refurbished capacitors, and counterfeit capacitors are rampant and difficult to distinguish
  • 4The agent cannot provide the original technical support and delayed feedback.
  • 5Insufficient inventory of agents, unable to deliver fast in large quantities
  • 6Lots of agents, price is plusing,capacitors cannot guaranteed from original factory.
  • 7Product quality cannot be verified in the short time.

Top Three Brands of Electrolytic Capacitor Supplier in China

Focus on high-voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors for more than 25 years.

规模公司 信誉保障Professional Creditable

CECTN is one of the few large-scale companies in the domestic electrolytic capacitor industry

Standardized management of large-scale companies, trustworthy

Registered capital 7.03 million RMB

The main domestic manufacturer of 700V high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Our customers say: CECTN, international quality, domestic prices

Military technology background German craftsmanship

The technical team comes from a military industry enterprise and fully implements German process management standards

Has 25 years of R&D experience in high-voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors

The core temperature is 4-6 degrees lower than its counterparts, CECTN can quickly test PK on the spot

The R&D team visited more than 500 customers at home and abroad to understand the customer's application environment and can provide customized services (such as Siemens customized flame-retardant series capacitors)

Fast delivery, 2 weeks delivery for urgent orders (international brands generally deliver 12 weeks)

International equipment, Full Automation

Equipment was import from abroad, 20% higher than those supplier in this field in Automation.

The aluminum foil cut by the famous brand cutting machine, which is from abroad, is enlarged to 150 times to inspect the burr
Reduce human factors and ensure the consistency and stability of capacitors

The valued 3 million RMB Italian winder, ensure the core package is flat and correct, and the leads are riveted firmly

Imported large-scale laser welding machine for welding lead bars, riveting and welding, double insurance

GE brand X-ray machine, omni-directional perspective inspection of the internal details of the capacitor

GE brand X-ray machine, omni-directional perspective inspection of the internal details of the capacitor

一线材料,自主核心配方High-quality materials, independent core formula

Well-know brands materials to ensure the high quality capacitor
Electrolyte formula with independent intellectual property rights

All the materials are from Xinjiang Joinword, NKK ect. Famous brand, quality guaranteed.

Master the core technology, multiple patented technologies, effectively solve the heat dissipation of the capacitor, and increase the lifespan by 20%

The factory can offered fast techical support and 7*24 hours technical service


品质为企业生命线 Quality is the lifeline of the company

CECTN capacitors have passed the stick test for 3 year by Vertiv, Emerson

Factory Brand, Direct Sale

The whole production process of electrolytic capacitor is controlled and the quality is stable

The aging voltage of CECTN electrolytic capacitors is higher than those supports (such as 400V electrolytic capacitors, the high temperature aging voltage is 450V, most of other capacitor suppliers are below 420V)

Each Snap-in capacitor has its code, can trace the record

[Anjian technology] CECTN is preferred for medical power supply capacitor

DR (digital X-ray machine) aluminum electrolytic capacitor or kaiqijia capacitorAnjian technology is the most professional digital medical imaging equipment supplier in the world. In the Chinese market, as a leading brand of Dr industry, Anjian technology is the drafter and calibrator of industry st…

CECTN is the first choice for inverter capacitor

Kaiqijia capacitor frequency converter customer first choiceShanghai Renoir Technology Co., Ltd. is a system integrator of "industrial control solutions" and a professional manufacturer of "industrial control and applied electrical". Under the jurisdiction of five professional subsidiaries, products …

National service hotline0086-13506000711


High quality aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturer

CECTN Technology Co., Ltd.

Catchy and Excellent Capacitor Technologies Co.,Ltd. is a high-power aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturer, with independent intellectual property rights of electrolyte formula, investment of 60 million yuan, covering an area of 7500 square meters. The company has a technical team with 25 years of research and development experience in aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The factory selects imported equipment, and the degree of automation reaches more than 80%. The products have been verified by industry customers and international customers.


CECTN capacitor won the qualification of

Kaiqijia capacitor Alibabas official flagship store won the qualification of "gold supplier"What is Alibaba gold supplier?Kaiqijia capacitor Alibabas official flagship store has won the gold supplier qualification of Alibaba mall. With its high-quality aluminum electrolytic capacitors and its determ…

Institutional investors enter CECTN

At the beginning of new year 2015, Suzhou Yiyun venture capital fund, which focuses on clean energy technology, signed an investment agreement with kaiqijia in Shenzhen.The joining of institutional investors is an affirmation of kaiqijia company, especially the leading technology, high-end equipment …

2014 inveterate quality supplier

In 2014, our company was awarded the title of "top class a inverter supplier in domestic industry".Kaiqijias high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor has been used in the inverter of inveterate electric for many years. The consistency and stability of the product have been greatly verified, and t…

YASKAWA electric (China) personnel visit our company

On January 12, 2015, Mr. Takahashi from the quality department of Yaskawa motor (China) Co., Ltd. and experts from the purchasing department visited kaiqijia capacitor factory in Shenzhen a few days ago. They inspected every detail of our factory in detail. They spoke highly of many aspects of our c…

315V1000uF bullhorn type aluminum electrolytic capacitor package size

  According to different customers requirements, the package size of 315V1000uF bullhorn aluminum electrolytic capacitors produced by "CECTN Electrolytic Capacitors" is mainly 35*45mm and 35*50mm.

What are the specifications of 315V1000uF bullhorn electrolytic capacitor?

  Hello! CECTN brand 315V1000uF bullhorn electrolytic capacitor specifications are divided into the following 4 types according to the characteristics of bullhorn capacitors.The above picture shows "CECTN brand 315V1000uF bullhorn aluminum electrolytic capacitor specifications".  …

200V470uF Bullhorn Electrolytic Capacitor Package Size

  Hello, the package size of 200V470uF bullhorn electrolytic capacitors produced by CECTN brand capacitor manufacturers are mainly available in the following 6 types.  22*30mm, 22*35mm, 25.4*25mm, 25.4*30mm, 30*25mm, 35*20mm.The above picture shows "200V470uF bullhorn electrolytic…

What are the specifications of 200V470uF bullhorn electrolytic capacitors?

  Q: What are the specifications of 200V470uF bullhorn electrolytic capacitor?  A: Hello! 200V470uF bullhorn electrolytic capacitor specifications are mainly divided into 4 kinds, you can choose the suitable 200V470uF bullhorn capacitor specifications according to your using equi…

Production process of bolt aluminum electrolytic capacitor
Basic materials of bolt aluminum electrolytic capacitor: anode foil, cathode foil, electrolytic paper, lead wire (Guide foil), cover plate, electrolyte, aluminum shell, explosion-proof valve, sealing ring, sleeve, gasket, etc To form a core, laser riveting (welding the lead strip on the core and the cover plate together to lead out the capacitance)
Package description of CECTN capacitor
In product packaging, kaiqijia pays great attention to environmental protection. This means that we only use environmentally friendly materials for packaging, and ensure the use of minimum materials. The packing quantity (bolts) of kaiqijia products are as follows: kaiqijia capacitors are packed in cartons and fixed with EPS upper and lower pads. EPS packaging material is light, has strong ability to absorb impact load, anti-static performance, better protect the product, ensure that the product is not damaged in the process of transportation, handling and use. Using standardized EU
How will capacitors develop in the new energy era
"China has entered a new era of revolution in energy production and consumption." On March 8, Nur Baikeli, deputy to the National Peoples Congress, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission and director of the national energy administration, told reporters in a positive tone. In response to the national call for environmental protection, how will kaiqijia aluminum electrolytic capacitor be positioned? Environmental pollution represented by haze has become a nightmare. In September 2013, the State Council issued the "national ten articles" on the prevention and control of air pollution
Material number description of CECTN aluminum electrolytic capacitor
凯琦佳所有铝电解电容均有专门的料号(等同于订购代码)。该料号为凯琦佳供应的对应具体铝电解电容器的唯一识别码。客户可通过料号来加快下单和处理速度。所有铝电解电容的供应均依据订单料号。 单一料号包含16位数,由多部分数据组成。每部分以字母开头,其它位置为数字。 图例螺栓铝电解电容:产品系列及料号详细说明(…
Tangent of loss angle of electrolytic capacitor
损耗角正切tanδ损耗角正切tanδ是等效串联电阻于等效串联电路中容性电抗分量的比值,或者是正弦电压下有功功率(耗散功率)与无功功率的比值。其测量装置与串联电容量Cs相同。IEC 60384-4规定了以下最大值:上述值适用于最大电荷达100000µF的电容器。相应的,具有更高最大电荷量的电容量容许更大的损耗角正切。损耗角正切的…
Definition of capacitance of electrolytic capacitor
1. AC and DC capacitances the capacitance of a capacitor can be determined by measuring its AC impedance (considering amplitude and phase) or by measuring the charge retained when a DC voltage is applied. There is no significant difference between the two methods. In general, the measurement value based on DC voltage (DC capacitance) is higher than that based on AC voltage (AC capacity), and the specific ratio is about 1.1-1.5. When measuring low voltage, the maximum difference will be produced. In most applications (for example
Calculation formula of service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor
A separate specification lists the rated ripple current IAC, R at 100Hz at the upper temperature (+ 85 ℃, + 105 ℃ or + 125 ℃). The known core temperature (the core temperature can also be indirectly calculated by ripple current load, ambient temperature, wind speed and other parameters) and the service life under working voltage depend on the following service life formula: central temperature, rated life under rated voltage W.V., central temperature and inferred life under time voltage
Service temperature of aluminum electrolytic capacitor
When aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used, climatic conditions must be limited (partly for reliability and partly for temperature characteristics of electrical parameters). Therefore, it is important to follow the minimum / maximum temperature and humidity conditions stated in the IEC climate category. For the IEC category of each model, please refer to the corresponding specification. (1) The conductivity of electrolyte decreases with the decrease of temperature, which leads to the impedance of electrolyte
Precautions for capacitor use
1. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is of bipolar structure (see the mark on the capacitor body). Pay attention to the polarity during installation, and do not install it reversely. Application of alternating current or reverse voltage may cause short circuit or damage to the capacitor: the polarity in the AC circuit may be reversed or undetermined, so bipolar capacitors are not suitable for AC applications.
Definition of capacitor voltage in aluminum electrolysis
(1) Rated voltage VRThe rated voltage VR is the DC voltage that the capacitor is designed to withstand and is printed on the product body. For aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the rated currentThe voltage of 100 V is usually called "low voltage" capacitor, while the rated voltage > 100 V is called "…