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Production process of bolt aluminum electrolytic capacitor[ 2021-01-05 09:48:52 ]
Basic materials of bolt aluminum electrolytic capacitor: anode foil, cathode foil, electrolytic paper, lead wire (Guide foil), cover plate, electrolyte, aluminum shell, explosion-proof valve, sealing ring, sleeve, gasket, etc To form a core, laser riveting (welding the lead strip on the core and the cover plate together to lead out the capacitance)
Package description of CECTN capacitor[ 2021-01-05 09:44:49 ]
In product packaging, kaiqijia pays great attention to environmental protection. This means that we only use environmentally friendly materials for packaging, and ensure the use of minimum materials. The packing quantity (bolts) of kaiqijia products are as follows: kaiqijia capacitors are packed in cartons and fixed with EPS upper and lower pads. EPS packaging material is light, has strong ability to absorb impact load, anti-static performance, better protect the product, ensure that the product is not damaged in the process of transportation, handling and use. Using standardized EU
How will capacitors develop in the new energy era[ 2021-01-05 09:36:46 ]
"China has entered a new era of revolution in energy production and consumption." On March 8, Nur Baikeli, deputy to the National Peoples Congress, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission and director of the national energy administration, told reporters in a positive tone. In response to the national call for environmental protection, how will kaiqijia aluminum electrolytic capacitor be positioned? Environmental pollution represented by haze has become a nightmare. In September 2013, the State Council issued the "national ten articles" on the prevention and control of air pollution
Material number description of CECTN aluminum electrolytic capacitor[ 2021-01-05 09:32:50 ]
凯琦佳所有铝电解电容均有专门的料号(等同于订购代码)。该料号为凯琦佳供应的对应具体铝电解电容器的唯一识别码。客户可通过料号来加快下单和处理速度。所有铝电解电容的供应均依据订单料号。 单一料号包含16位数,由多部分数据组成。每部分以字母开头,其它位置为数字。 图例螺栓铝电解电容:产品系列及料号详细说明(…
Tangent of loss angle of electrolytic capacitor[ 2021-01-05 09:08:27 ]
损耗角正切tanδ损耗角正切tanδ是等效串联电阻于等效串联电路中容性电抗分量的比值,或者是正弦电压下有功功率(耗散功率)与无功功率的比值。其测量装置与串联电容量Cs相同。IEC 60384-4规定了以下最大值:上述值适用于最大电荷达100000µF的电容器。相应的,具有更高最大电荷量的电容量容许更大的损耗角正切。损耗角正切的…
Definition of capacitance of electrolytic capacitor[ 2021-01-05 09:00:41 ]
1. AC and DC capacitances the capacitance of a capacitor can be determined by measuring its AC impedance (considering amplitude and phase) or by measuring the charge retained when a DC voltage is applied. There is no significant difference between the two methods. In general, the measurement value based on DC voltage (DC capacitance) is higher than that based on AC voltage (AC capacity), and the specific ratio is about 1.1-1.5. When measuring low voltage, the maximum difference will be produced. In most applications (for example
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