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Once our company came to a very urgent order. When we checked the raw materials, we found that there was still some aluminum electrolytic capacitor to complete the order, and this kind of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is a bolt electrolytic capacitor with super long life. Normally, it takes at least 7-10 days to order this kind of capacitor. After knowing the situation, the manager was very anxious and said that he would finish the order anyway. I had to negotiate with many suppliers quickly, but many suppliers indicated that the delivery time had to be delayed. But I had to urge everywhere to follow closely, but the effect was not obvious. Finally, fortunately, after learning about our situation, kaiqijia immediately worked overtime to plug in and produce the capacitor we needed. In just three days, kaiqijia personally drove the capacitor to our company. At that time, my manager and I were very moved. Its nice to have such a capacitor supplier.