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350V 22000μF screw capacitor

Product classification: 350V screw terminal
    Characteristics:Fully welded construction ensures highly reliable electrical contact; high performance and high ripple resistance; RoHS compliant
    Applications:Uninterruptible power supply, inverter, charging and discharging equipment
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    350V 22000uFscrew terminal electrolytic capacitor basic parameters

    Rated voltage:350V
    Rated capacity:22000uF
    Life expectancy:2000h
    Weight:About 2260g
    Package Size:91*236mm
    Installation method:Clamp fixing
    Accessories:Screws M6*12 2PCS
    Package Quantity:8pcs/box

    Electrical Performance Parameters for 350V 22000uF screw terminal electrolytic capacitor

    Above is for brand“CECTN”350V22000uF

      If you need more information for "350V22000uFelectrolytic capacitors", please click on “online customer service”, we can also customize the production according to your equipment needs.

    Details introduction for 350V22000uFscrew terminal Electrolytic Capacitors

    1、Outshape Dimension for 350V 22000uF

    The above is height dimension of 350V22000uF

    The above is diameter for 350V 22000uF

      The standard dimension for CECTN 350V 22000uFscrew electrolytic capacitor is 76.9*220mm. If you need customized dimension,please contact us by click “Inquire Now” 

    2、Core Package and inner structure diagram for 350V 22000uFscrew terminal electrolytic capacitor

    The above is the inner structure and core package of 350V 22000uF

    3、Terminal Dimension for 350V 22000uFscrew terminal electrolytic capacitor

      350V 22000uF: Terminal diameter is 10mm, Terminal pitch is 32mm,Thread is M5
      Click to "Screw Terminal Electrolytic Capacitor Description" page for more dimension information.

    4、Sleeve Description for 350V 22000uFscrew terminal Electrolytic Capacitor

      The 350V 22000uFis double layer sleeve, polarity mark is “Positive”. 
      If you have special request (Polarity mark,sleeve layers,printing information),please press “Contact us” for customized service.

    5、Bottom coding instructions for screw terminal electrolytic capacitors

      Each screwed electrolytic capacitor produced by CECTN is assigned a code that can be used to trace the data, so that all production records and test data of capacitors can be checked .

      The code consists of 11 digits, the first 8 digits are the production batch number of the product, and the last 3 digits are producing number in this batch.

    6、Printing information for 350V22000uFscrew terminal electrolytic capacitor

      The item number consists of two parts.The above is CECTN trade mark.The bottom is product material number,including rated capacity voltage,climate category,year and Origin.For more information,Please click in "CECTN Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Part Number Description"

    7、Packaging Information for 350V 22000uFscrew terminal electrolytic capacitor

      CECTN electrolytic capacitors are fixed by top and bottom pads made of EPS (polystyrene foam) material, which has good characteristics of waterproof, put impact and anti-extrusion, and can protect electrolytic capacitors better.
      CECTN aluminum electrolytic capacitors are discharged by using conductive tape, which is installed on the pad of the package with a resistance of about 3k ohms, and the product is always discharged after the package. Compared with other electrolytic capacitor manufacturers who use wire or other direct short circuit discharge, it can better protect the screw terminal electrolytic capacitors.

      Depending on the diameter of electrolytic capacitors, the number of CECTN capacitors packed per box is divided into six types as shown in the table below.

    Standard Shipment Packaging as below:

      When CECTN electrolytic capacitors are shipped, small quantities are directly in sealed boxes with wrapping film on the outside, and when shipped in large quantities, they are stacked with pallets which are fixed with packing tape first, and then wrapped with wrapping film on the outside. (See above)

    8、Installation Instructions for 350V 22000uFscrew terminal electrolytic capacitor

      When you purchase the screw terminal electrolytic capacitor, the mounting clamps will be delivered with the goods, and the clamps will be fixed in the mounting position first, and then the electrolytic capacitors will be fixed in the clamps according to the polarity direction.

    9、Production process for screw terminal electrolytic capacitor

      The production process of screw type electrolytic capacitors includes billing, cutting, winding, rivet welding, dipping, glue filling assembly, sealing, aging, sleeving, measuring, external inspection, packaging, consistency inspection, etc. The detailed process can be viewed by clicking into the page of "screw terminal electrolytic capacitor Production Process". 

      >>If you need to know the package size of "350V 22000uFscrew terminal electrolytic capacitor", please contact us by clicking the online customer service on the right side of the page, or call us at 400-00-23930, [CECTN Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Manufacturer], our professional technicians will answer all your related questions and solve your confusion.

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