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350V 1200μF snap-in capacitor

Product classification: 350V snap-in
    Characteristics:RoHS compliant;high ripple resistance;high reliability
    Application areas:for industrial power supply and data processing equipment
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    Basic Parameters of 350V1200uF Snap-in Electrolytic Capacitor

    Rated voltage:350V
    Rated capacity:1200uF
    Service life:2000h
    Package Size:35*55mm
    Package Quantity:150pcs/box
      >>For more specifications of 350V1200uF snap-in capacitors, please click into "350V1200uF snap-in electrolytic capacitor specification”.

    Electrical Performance Parameters of 350V1200uF Snap-in Electrolytic Capacitor

    Above is for brand“CECTN”350V1200uF

      For more information about the electrical performance of 350V1200uF snap-in electrolytic capacitors, please contact us by clicking "Inquire Now" below.

    Detailed Introduction of 350V1200uF Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

    1、Outline drawing of 200V 1800uF snap-in electrolytic capacitor

    Above is "the height diagram of350V1200uF snap-in electrolytic capacitor ".

      The height of the product is 55mm, plus the height of the snap-in terminal is 61mm, please refer to the specifications provided by our company in the actual measurement.

    Above  is "the  diameter diagram of 350V1200uF snap-in electrolytic capacitor".

      The product diameter is 35mm, please refer to the specification for the actual measurement standard.
      >>For more external dimensions, please click to the page of "350V1200uF Snap-in Electrolytic Capacitor Package Dimensions".

    2、Internal structure diagram of 350V1200uF snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitor

    Above is the internal structure and the core package of the snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

    3、Solder pin size description for 350V1200uF snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors

    Above is "the size of 350V1200uF snap-in capacitor solder pin "

      The solder pin  of 350V1200uF snap-in capacitor is 6mm in height, 10mm between 2 legs, 0.8mm in thickness, and 1.5mm in width (width of the tip is: 0.8mm). If you need 3-pin solder pin, 4-pin solder pin or anti-dull type solder pin, etc., please click to the page of "Snap-in Electrolytic Capacitor Solder Pin Style Description".

    4、Casing description of 350V1200uF snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitor

      The bottom of CECTN brand snap-in electrolytic capacitor is equipped  with "+ " explosion-proof valve, snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitor sleeve is PVC insulation, the sleeve indicates the type and polarity of snap-in electrolytic capacitor.

    5、Description of printing on the bottom of 350V1200uF snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors

    Above is the "bottom printing of snap-in electrolytic capacitor"

      The information printed on the bottom of the snap-in electrolytic capacitor is composed of 4 digits, which represents the year and month of production of the product. 1412 shown above means that the product was produced in December, 2014.

    6、Detailed information on the printing of 350V1200uF snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors

    Above is the detailed description for "350V1200uF snap-in electrolytic capacitor printing information" 

      CECTN electrolytic capacitor printing information contains a lot of information such as voltage, capacity, temperature, life time, number of solder pins and other information of snap-in electrolytic capacitors, please click into the page of "Description of snap-in electrolytic capacitor material number" for more details.

    7、Packaging Instructions of 350V1200uF Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors 

      CECTN brand snap-in electrolytic capacitors are packaged differently from other electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, which can better prevent the capacitors from collision damage during transportation.

      The specific packaging quantity of each size is as follows:

      The above packing quantity is the packing quantity of each box of products for normal shipment, and  a red dot label will be put on the packing box if there is extra quantity,

    When CECTN electrolytic capacitors are shipped, large quantities are shipped on pallets, which are first fixed with woven tape and then wrapped with wrapping film on the outside, while small quantities are shipped directly in sealed boxes with wrapping film on the outside.

    8、Installation instructions for bullhorn electrolytic capacitors

      When weld snap-in electrolytic capacitor, please note that  avoid the welding iron touching the insulating sleeve. Too long welding time or over temperature will affect the performance of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and destroy the insulating sleeve.

      >>If you want to know more about "350V 1200uF snap-in electrolytic capacitor", you can contact us directly by clicking "Inquire Now" above, and our engineer will solve  your problems, or you can click [CECTN electrolytic capacitor manufacturer] to return to the home page.

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    350V 1000μF snap-in capacitor
    350V 1000μF snap-in capacitor
    Characteristics:RoHS compliant;high ripple resistance;high reliability
    Application:350V1000μF solder chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor is generally used in industrial power supply, data processing equipment and frequency regulator
    350V 470μF solder pin type
    350V 470μF solder pin type
    Characteristics:RoHS compliant;high ripple resistance;high reliability
    Applications:for industrial power supplies and data processing equipment

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