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CECTN brand bullhorn electrolytic capacitor material number description

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  CECTN brand bullhorn electrolytic capacitors material number consists of 16 digits, the material number contains information such as voltage, capacity, temperature, life, diameter, solder pin structure, capacity group, etc. of bullhorn capacitors.

  Illustration of bullhorn capacitor.

The above picture is "Detail of horn capacitor material number".
  The horn electrolytic capacitor material number shown above is: PH50-450391-A2J0S0, details are as follows.
  I. PH50 represents this horn capacitor is 105 degrees 5000 hours, specific series are as follows.
  1、PE20(85℃ 2000H)
  2、PE50(85℃ 5000H)
  3、PH20(105℃ 2000H)
  4、PH50(105℃ 5000H)
  5、BE20(85℃ 2000H, ultra small volume)
  6, BH20(105℃ 2000H, ultra small volume)
  Second, 450391 represents the voltage and capacity of this bullhorn type electrolytic capacitor
  450 represents the rated voltage of 450V, the voltage of bullhorn electrolytic capacitors produced by CECTN brand are 200V, 250V, 315V, 350V, 400V, 450V, 500V, 550V, etc. (The highest voltage is 750V, if you need super high voltage bullhorn electrolytic capacitors, please contact "Online Customer Service" on the right side of the webpage).
  391 represents the capacity of 390uF (capacity conversion is the first two digits multiplied by the third digit corresponding to 1=10, 2=100, 3=1000, which means 39*10=390uF).
  C. A2J0S0 represents the capacity group, diameter and solder pin structure of horn electrolytic capacitors
  A represents the capacity group (A: special allowable deviation, K: ±10%, M: ±20%).
  2 represents solder pin structure of 2 pins (2=pin, 3=3pin, 4=4pin, other numbers represent special cover)
  J represents capacitor diameter of 35mm (F=22mm, G=25mm, H=30mm, J=35mm, K=40mm, L=42mm, M=45mm).
  0S0 represents some special requirements of customers.
  >>Tip: The above is the description of CECTN brand bullhorn electrolytic capacitor material number, you can click "CECTN electrolytic capacitor specification book" to see the capacitor specifications produced by CECTN electrolytic capacitor manufacturers.