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Electrolytic capacitor manufacturer: kaiqijia capacitor, the choice of 150 inverter customers
Beijing Hekang Yisheng Frequency Conversion Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300048) Since 2011, we have cooperated with kaiqijia capacitor. As a listed company and a leading enterprise of high-voltage inverter, Hekang inverter will fully investigate the technology, equipment, quality and other factors of aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers when choosing electrolytic capacitor manufacturers. In the initial stage of cooperation, we conducted half a years test on kaiqijia capacitor samples, and after passing the test, we visited kaiqijia for many times On the spot investigation and visit of Rong factory. After having a full understanding of the capacitor production process and quality control, we decided to cooperate.
The four-year cooperation time fully reflects that kaiqijia capacitor has sufficient guarantee in terms of product quality, delivery time, product price and long-term use quality.


Purchasing aluminum electrolytic capacitor, choosing electrolytic capacitor manufacturer is the most important
Why choose electrolytic capacitor manufacturer?
1. Manufacturers have more price advantages than retailers and agents
2. Manufacturers can visit the site to investigate the capacitor production process and quality supervision
3. Manufacturers can customize production according to your needs
4. Manufacturers can ensure that the original production of products, eliminate second-hand, demolition, renovation capacitor