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Shaolin Shi Yongxin incident is common in electrolytic capacitor industry[ 2021-01-07 09:37:47 ]
Recently, the Internet has revealed that the abbot of Shaolin has a dual identity. He is the abbot of Shaolin on the surface, but he has a family and a daughter on the back. Whether the Shi Yongxin incident is true or not, it will alert those who have the fate of Buddhism: they must abandon evil and follow the good. They must advance bravely on the road of practice, and they must devote themselves to Buddhism when they leave their families. In our electrolytic capacitor industry, many capacitor manufacturers in order to win orders for profits, also give electrolytic capacitor dual identity, the actual 85 degree aluminum electrolytic capacitor is set with 105 degrees
It is very important to improve the quality of electrolytic capacitor[ 2021-01-07 09:35:41 ]
Inverter power supply cannot do without aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The quality of electrolytic capacitor directly affects the stability and reliability of inverter power supply. If you want to improve the reliability of inverter power supply, the quality of electrolytic capacitor is very important. Lets take a look at the explanation of experts.    in the design of power supply, efficiency and reliability are the first factors considered by designers, especially in the design of inverter power supply. The improvement of the reliability of inverter power supply is a relatively difficult task for novices
Research progress of carbon nanomaterials for high energy flexible capacitors[ 2021-01-07 09:34:21 ]
With the development of modern science and technology, flexible, wearable, foldable and intelligent electronic devices are the mainstream direction of development. Energy storage devices that provide energy for electronic products are also gradually developing in the direction of light, thin and tough. Flexible supercapacitor is a kind of energy storage device, which has the characteristics of high capacity, fast charging and discharging speed, safety and environmental protection. It has a broad application prospect in the emerging electronic intelligent equipment and other high-tech. Carbon fiber and carbon nanotube gauze, etc
Ningbo becomes the worlds first modern tram city using super capacitor energy storage[ 2021-01-07 09:24:19 ]
Recently, the global launch of CSRs super capacitor energy storage modern tram and the signing activity for the first use of Ningbo were held at CSRs Ningbo industrial base in five towns of Yinzhou District. Ningbo has become the first city in the world to purchase new models and use them for public transport. A few days ago, Liu Qi, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the municipal Party committee, met with Zheng Changhong, chairman of CSR Co., Ltd., who came to Ningbo to participate in the launch activities. Vice governor Xiong Jianping, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and Mayor Lu ziyue attended the meeting
AVX company of USA launches new type high voltage switching power supply capacitor[ 2021-01-05 10:30:16 ]
AVX company of America has introduced lead-free RV series high-voltage, dual in-line stacked switching power supply capacitors, which can be used in power conversion and regulation, motor and motor driver, medical spectroscopy and other fields. The voltage of this series of products ranges from 1000V to 5000v, and the capacitance ranges from 100pfa to 15pfa. The RV series power electronic devices have low equivalent series resistance and inductance, small self leakage current, and can be used for
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