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[Anjian technology] CECTN is preferred for medical power supply capacitor
DR (digital X-ray machine) aluminum electrolytic capacitor or kaiqijia capacitorAnjian technology is the most professional digital medical imaging equipment supplier in the world. In the Chinese market, as a leading brand of Dr industry, Anjian technology is the drafter and calibrator of industry st…
CECTN is the first choice for inverter capacitor
Kaiqijia capacitor frequency converter customer first choiceShanghai Renoir Technology Co., Ltd. is a system integrator of "industrial control solutions" and a professional manufacturer of "industrial control and applied electrical". Under the jurisdiction of five professional subsidiaries, products …
Selection of "inveterate inverter" for listed company of electrolytic capacitor manufacturer
The first choice for customers of cectn inverterWhen choosing the manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, inveterate inverter always carefully examines the strength, technology, equipment, quality and other factors of the manufacturer. After all, the demand for aluminum electrolytic capacito…
Selection of "Hekang inverter" for listed companies of electrolytic capacitor manufacturers
Electrolytic capacitor manufacturer: kaiqijia capacitor, the choice of 150 inverter customersBeijing Hekang Yisheng Frequency Conversion Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300048) Since 2011, we have cooperated with kaiqijia capacitor. As a listed company and a leading enterprise of high-voltage inve…
Advanced equipment, perfect quality
As a purchasing staff, I am very happy to find a supplier of aluminum electrolytic capacitors such as kaiqijia. On November 10 this year, I went to kaiqijias factory with the companys project manager, technology and quality. During the visit, our manager was very satisfied with their advanced equipm…
YASKAWA electric came to our company for investigation
On January 12, 2015, Mr. Takahashi from the quality department of Yaskawa motor (China) Co., Ltd. and experts from the purchasing department visited kaiqijia electrolytic capacitor factory in Shenzhen a few days ago. They inspected every detail of our factory in detail, gave a high evaluation to man…
Quick response, quick delivery
Once our company came to a very urgent order. When we checked the raw materials, we found that there was still some aluminum electrolytic capacitor to complete the order, and this kind of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is a bolt electrolytic capacitor with super long life. Normally, it takes at lea…
International quality, domestic price
Looking for a good aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturer is a very hard work. It requires high product quality standards, low product price standards and all kinds of services to keep up. At present, no aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturer has been able to do it. The big ones dont tak…
First class technology, custom designed capacitor
Our company has a newly developed project equipment which needs to use aluminum electrolytic capacitor. After contacting with many capacitor manufacturers and using their capacitor products, we found that their conventional capacitor products can not achieve the maximum efficiency when they are fitt…
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