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CECTN capacitor frequency converter customer first choice
Shanghai Renoir Technology Co., Ltd. is a system integrator of "industrial control solutions" and a professional manufacturer of "industrial control and applied electrical". Under the jurisdiction of five professional subsidiaries, products cover high and low voltage motor soft starter, high and low voltage variable frequency governor, high and low voltage reactive power compensation and harmonic control device, EPS emergency power supply, intelligent electrical, new energy electrical and high and low voltage power transmission and transformation equipment.
Because of its reliable quality, fast supply and considerate service, Shanghai Renoir chose CECTN capacitor. CECTN aluminum electrolytic capacitor was selected by many inverter manufacturers, and has been rated as "excellent supplier" for many times. CECTN perseveres in making every capacitor the best. The trust of customers is our biggest driving force.

The quality is reliable, the user is at ease
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is the core electronic component of frequency converter. If the aluminum electrolytic capacitor has problems, it will directly affect the quality of frequency converter. So dont think you must pay attention to the choice of low price products. CECTN capacitor has been supplying aluminum electrolytic capacitors for many large brand inverter manufacturers. Long term use has proved that CECTN capacitor has reliable quality, high voltage resistance and long service life. As a powerful manufacturer, CECTN capacitor has been talking with data, and will not blindly attract customers at low prices. If you need to buy aluminum electrolytic capacitors, you cant take a few samples for comparison.