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CECTN capacitor won the qualification of

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Scan!CECTN capacitor won the qualification of Scan!
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CECTN capacitor Alibabas official flagship store won the qualification of "gold supplier"
What is Alibaba gold supplier?

CECTN capacitor Alibabas official flagship store has won the gold supplier qualification of Alibaba mall. With its high-quality aluminum electrolytic capacitors and its determination to serve customers, CECTN capacitor said, "you need more, "I design and produce" professional customized service for you, which has won the praise of a large number of customers and quickly occupied a large share of Alibabas aluminum electrolytic capacitor trading market. The supplier level is "level 5", and the monthly transaction amount is more than 400000 yuan (due to the large amount, in order to ensure safety and speed, we basically choose Offline transaction), and more than 100 people choose CECTN capacitor in Alibaba every month Submit orders, pay a deposit of more than 50000 yuan, visit more than 200 people every day, conversion rate of more than 50%.
CECTN capacitor features: high ripple resistance, large capacity, high voltage, long life, small volume, high frequency and low resistance.