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200V470uF Bullhorn Electrolytic Capacitor Package Size

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  Hello, the package size of 200V470uF bullhorn electrolytic capacitors produced by CECTN brand capacitor manufacturers are mainly available in the following 6 types.

  22*30mm, 22*35mm, 25.4*25mm, 25.4*30mm, 30*25mm, 35*20mm.

The above picture shows "200V470uF bullhorn electrolytic capacitor package size is 30*25mm".
  You can choose the package size of 200V470uF bullhorn aluminum electrolytic capacitors you need from the above dimensions and contact our "Online Customer Service" to provide you with the specifications. If you need other package size 200V470uF bullhorn capacitors, you can also contact our "Online Customer Service" to put forward your demand.
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