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Service temperature of aluminum electrolytic capacitor

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When aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used, climatic conditions must be limited (partly for reliability and partly for temperature characteristics of electrical parameters). Therefore, it is important to follow the minimum / maximum temperature and humidity conditions stated in the IEC climate category. For the IEC category of each model, please refer to the corresponding specification.
(1) , minimum allowable operating temperature (lower limit class temperature)
The conductivity of electrolyte decreases with the decrease of temperature, which leads to the increase of electrolyte impedance, and thus increases impedance and loss tangent (or ESR). In most applications, the corresponding increase is only allowed to a certain maximum value. Therefore, the minimum allowable working temperature of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is defined. The corresponding temperature limits are defined as "lower class temperature" and are part of the IEC climate class.

(2) , maximum allowable working temperature (upper class temperature)
The upper class temperature refers to the maximum allowable ambient temperature for continuous operation of the capacitor, which depends on the capacitor design and is specified in the corresponding IEC climate class. If this limit is exceeded, the capacitor will fail prematurely. For some series of capacitors, it is allowed to exceed the upper class temperature for a short time. See separate specification for details.
The service life and reliability depend largely on the temperature of the capacitor. Working at the lowest possible temperature can improve service life and reliability, so it is recommended. Similarly, it is recommended to install aluminum electrolytic capacitors at the lowest temperature.
(3) , storage temperature
Under the condition of no voltage, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor can be stored at the upper temperature
However, we must consider that storage at high temperature will reduce leakage current stability, shorten service life and reduce reliability. In order not to weaken these characteristics, the storage temperature should not exceed + 40 ℃, and it is recommended to be lower than + 25 ℃. The corresponding standard of aluminum electrolytic capacitor specifies the lower storage temperature corresponding to the lower limit temperature. Kaiqijia aluminum electrolytic capacitor can withstand the storage temperature as low as - 55 ℃ without damage.