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Material number description of CECTN aluminum electrolytic capacitor

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All aluminum electrolytic capacitors of kaiqijia have special material number (equivalent to order code). This item number is the unique identification code of the specific aluminum electrolytic capacitor supplied by kaiqijia. Customers can speed up the order and processing speed through the item number. All aluminum electrolytic capacitors are supplied according to the order item number.
A single item number contains 16 digits and consists of multiple parts of data. Each part begins with a letter and the rest with numbers.
Legend bolt aluminum electrolytic capacitor:

Detailed description of product series and part number (fe52-400472-m5c290)
Fe52-400472-m5c290 is an order code of kaiqijia capacitor.
Fe52 represents that the model of this product is 85 degrees 5000 hours, and the installation method is nut installation.
400472 means that the rated voltage of the product is 400V, and the rated capacity is 4700uf (the capacity conversion is the first two digits multiplied by the third digit corresponding to 1 = 10, 2 = 100, 3 = 1000). That is 47 * 100 = 4700)
M5c290, where M represents product capacity deviation range (A: special allowable deviation, K: ± 10%, M: ± 20%), "5" represents product terminal thread M5 (generally M5, M6, M8), "C" represents product diameter 76.9mm (A: 51.6mm, B: 64.3mm, C: 76.9mm, D: 91.0mm, e: 101mm), "2" represents product terminal structure (terminal diameter 0:17.7mm, 1:13.4mm, 2: "90" represents the requirements of customers in terms of electrical performance and packaging.
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