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Package description of CECTN capacitor

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In product packaging, kaiqijia pays great attention to environmental protection. This means that we only use environmentally friendly materials for packaging, and ensure the use of minimum materials.
The packaging quantity (bolts) of kaiqijia products are as follows:


Kaiqijia capacitor is packed in cartons and fixed with EPS upper and lower pads. EPS packaging material is light, has strong ability to absorb impact load, anti-static performance, better protect the product, ensure that the product is not damaged in the process of transportation, handling and use.

Use standardized EU pallet
Use environmental protection material (PE or PP) to fasten the goods on the pallet.
The transport carton (transport package) meets the requirements of resy with resy logo.
A single material separation layer is used between the pallet and the carton, and paper or paperboard is preferred.
Filling and padding are made of paper.
The transport package is packed with plastic strapping to fully ensure the number of cycles.
If agreed, kaiqijia is ready to recycle packaging materials (especially plastic packaging). However, we need customers to send cardboard, cartons, cardboard, paper, etc. to recycling or waste recycling companies, so as to avoid waste caused by transporting empty materials.


The outer packing case of kaiqijia capacitor is marked with barcode label, including model, order code, quantity, manufacturing date and batch number. This ensures that the electrolytic capacitor has evidence to follow in the production process, batch number and test report. The standard bar code is as follows:

(1P) order code
(9K) product number
(D) Date code (mm / DD / yyyy)
(T) Production batch number
(Q) Number of products